mWave™ delivers a step change solution to harnessing the worlds vast wave energy resources.  Marine energy company, Bombora, is now seeking a certification partner to support the commercialisation process for its ground breaking, utility-scale wave energy converter.

Throughout mWave’s development, Bombora has followed a rigorous programme of component testing and validation. Bombora is now progressing to the next stage of product readiness and is seeking third-party verification of its technology, design, fabrication and site criteria.

Bombora’s engineer explains the rigorous testing schedule, applied to the unique patented mWave™ cell module.

Early next year, Bombora will deploy a full-scale 1.5MW mWave prototype in Pembrokeshire, Wales.  This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government. The company is simultaneously progressing a grid connected 3MW commercial wave park project on the Spanish Canary Island of Lanzarote, together with its strategic partner Enzen.

In relation to this request to identify and select a certification partner, Bombora’s Commercial Manager, Chris Williams commented:

“Third-party certification is the logical next-step in our transparent approach to product development and risk management strategies. We have total confidence in mWave’s capability to meet the survivability and cost efficiency challenge. mWave is set to create a step change in delivering economical and robust wave energy production . Third-party verification will reinforce industry and investor confidence and support our commercialisation progress.”

He added

A certification partner is required for the provision of services including “approvals in principle”, “prototype certification”, “component and system verification” and “project certification”.

Full details can be found in the Tender Notice published on Sell2Wales:

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For further information, please contact:

Sam Leighton
Managing Director

T: +44 7981 844125

Chris Williams
Commercial Manager

M: +44 7968 583993

About Bombora and mWave™ 

  • Bombora has developed a membrane style wave energy converter called ‘mWave™’.  Located 10 meters beneath the ocean’s surface, similar to a fully submerged reef, it is invisible from the shoreline. As ocean waves pass over mWave, the membranes deflect pumping air through a turbine to generate electricity. Electricity is directly transferred to shore via a submerged cable.  
  • mWave is unique among wave energy converters as it simultaneously addresses the ‘cost of energy’ and ‘ocean wave survivability’ challenges. 
  • Bombora is currently completing a 1.5MW mWave product validation project in Pembrokeshire, Wales with the support of a £10.3 million European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) grant through the Welsh Government.
  • Bombora is also working on a 3.0MW grid connected wave park project in La Santa, Lanzarote.
  • Bombora is progressing further opportunities in the Spanish Canary Islands, Japan, Ireland and Australia.