Unlock the growth potential of wave energy

"Wave can contribute 10% of our energy needs by 2050"

(International Energy Agency)

Why wave power?

Untapped Market Growth Opportunity

Water covers 70% of our world

and holds vast potential for clean renewable energy

Wave energy provides

24 hours
a day

continuous power

More predictable than wind and solar

Wave energy

is estimated to see a

€7 – 9 billion

investment by 2030

Ocean energy has the potential to deliver

300 GW

of wave and tidal energy by 2050, saving 500 million tonnes of CO2, and creating 680,000 direct jobs

(OES International Vision Report)

Why Bombora?

mWave™ – Global Solution for Utility-Scale Wave Energy

Addresses the

cost of energy, ocean wave survivability and environmental challenges

Powerful utility-scale wave energy solution

Modular Design

delivers cost benefits through, mass manufacturing,
efficiency of maintenance
, and scalability

Addresses both

nearshore and offshore market growth opportunities

Developing a

World-class supply chain

capable of supporting future projects across the globe

Backed by a

strong global strategic investment partner

Rapid pathway

£17 million

1.5MW mWave validation project, Wales

2MW mWave

grid connected wave park in Lanzarote, Spain

Patent Protected Technology

Unlock the growth potential of wave energy

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Pioneering mWave technology

A New Wave of Energy

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